Dave is originally from New Jersey and he graduated from college in Miami where he was educated in economics and marketing. During his college years he fell in love with the culture, entrepreneurial population, international influence and unique opportunities the Miami market provides.

He entered the mortgage industry in 2008 through a very well-respected boutique brokerage house in Coral Gables where he emersed himself in mastering of all of the principles of the residential and commercial origination, underwriting policies and procedures and the secondary mortgage purchase market where he earned the nickname “The Professor”.

From his dedicated to the mortgage industry, he is keenly positioned to quickly understand a borrower’s strengths and weakness so as to provide the mortgage product that will best accentuate a quick and efficient closing and place the borrower in a financial position that will benefit them in the long term, be that a first time home buyer, a borrower looking to create an real estate portfolio, an seasoned real estate investor, international buyer looking to take advantage of the opportunities owning real estate in the Florida market has to offer or a commercial investor looking to maximize the asset’s cash flow.

Dave’s is a privileged to be a preferred lender for a very well-known developer in the Orlando market and having handled the personal real estate financing for numerous top end realtors and their families in the Miami market.

He is a resident of Miami Beach and loves to take advantages of all of the outdoor activities South Florida has to offer.